ADB (Asian Development Bank)

The Asian Development Bank was conceived in the early 1960s as a financial institution that would be Asian in character and foster economic growth and cooperation in one of the poorest regions in the world. ADB assists its members, and partners, by providing loans, technical assistance, grants, and equity investments to promote social and economic development.


Syiah Kuala University

Syiah Kuala University (Universitas Syiah Kuala or UnSyiah) was founded on 2 September 1961 and is the largest and the oldest national university in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Unsyiah has twelve faculties, providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and more than 20 research centres in various fields. Among these faculties, programs and centres that are actively hosting the 15th IRSA International conference are:

  1. Social Science and Culture Research Centre (Pusat Penelitian Ilmu Sosial dan Budaya)
  2. Faculty of Economics and Business
  3. Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC)
  4. Program Studi Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota
  5. Center for the Arts


TNP2K (National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction)

The National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (Tim Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan or TNP2K) was created to promote coordination across ministries/agencies to improve the implementation of poverty reduction programmes, improve the living standards of the poor and vulnerable, as well as reduce inequality among income groups.


International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS)

ICAIOS serves as the institutional foundation to maintain a permanent international scholarly presence in Aceh, facilitating ongoing research on both this region, and broader thematic issues that can be fruitfully examined in the context of contemporary Aceh. Furthermore, the Centre provides a valuable resource for the Acehnese intellectual community. ICAIOS governing body consist of representatives from three state universities in Aceh (Syiah Kuala Univesity, Ar-Raniry Islamic State University, Malikul Saleh University).


Aceh Provincial Government

Within the Aceh Provincial Government, BAPPEDA Aceh, an agency within the Aceh Provincial Government that is responsible in providing a medium and long-term development planning in the Aceh Province, and BPBA, an agency within the Aceh Provincial Government that is responsible in managing disasters occurring in Aceh, have been actively participating in hosting the 15th IRSA International Conference.


ANU Indonesia Project

ANU Indonesia Project is a leading international centre of research and graduate training on the society and economy of Indonesia. The Project was established in 1965 by H.W. Arndt in response to profound changes in the Indonesian economic and political landscape. Initially comprising a small group of Indonesia-focused economists, it has since grown into an interdisciplinary research centre. Researching economic change is still at its heart, but the Project now brings together academics, students, policymakers and leaders from a range of disciplines and countries to discuss the multitude of issues in Indonesia’s growth and development. The Project has helped build greater understanding between Indonesia and Australia and fostered important relations between Indonesian and Australian scholars, students and policymakers.


J-PAL Southeast Asia

PAL Southeast Asia, based at the University of Indonesia, leads J-PAL’s work in the Southeast Asia region. J-PAL Southeast Asia conducts randomized evaluations, builds partnerships for evidence-informed policymaking, and helps partners scale up effective programs.

Our work spans a wide range of sectors, including social welfare, migration, health, good governance, and financial inclusion. We conduct capacity building activities for policymakers, researchers, and academics seeking to learn and apply rigorous impact evaluation, and work with central and local governments to help build a culture of evidence-informed decision-making in the region.


Fiscal Policy Agency

Fiscal Policy Agency (FPA or Badan Kebijakan Fiskal) is an echelon I unit under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, which has the strategic role as the formulator of fiscal and financial sector policy recommendations, with the scope of work covers analysis in macro economy, state revenue, expenditure and finance, financial sector and international cooperation.  FPA consists of seven units which are Secretariat of the Agency; Center for State Revenue Policy; Center for State Budget Policy; Center for Macroeconomic Policy; Center for Financial Sector Policy; Centre for Climate Finance and Multilateral Policy; and Center for Regional and Bilateral Policy.